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Diagnosis & Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease Play Stephen with the Parkinson’s Outreach Centers Group The Diagnosis & Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease is not an exact diagnosis every time.  Parkinson’s disease stages vary.   My program can help. Through play, the brain can actually grow new brain cells, and is that helpful with Parkinson’s? I am […]

Parkinson’s disease causes Parkinson’s disease symptoms & treatments Some questions we may have, about Parkinson’s disease. (especially those of us who are older).What are the Parkinson’s disease symptoms? What is Parkinson’s disease? What are Parkinson’s disease causes? What type of Parkinson’s disease treatment may be available. The article I found from The Mayo Clinic is

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Brain Neuroplasticity Exercises. Hand and Foot Activities for Our Brain. New Brain Cell Growth. Keep Your Mind in Good Health with Brain Games. Here, Discover Some Brain Neuroplasticity Exercises. Start Some Fun Hand and Foot Activities for Our Brain.  You Can Start New Brain Cell Growth. Keep Your Mind in Good Health with Brain Games.

How to live a healthy lifestyle & how to live longer be healthier and happier. I have the answer that will solve myriad health problems. You can live longer be healthier and happier.  The answer is playing on the playground. Simply move around on the playground, get your metabolism moving faster, get your brain activity

how to avoid poor health and premature aging… Dr. Vernikos is the former director of NASA’s Life Sciencesand pioneering researcher in the physiology of Space and Inactivity.She has done groundbreaking research on how sitting causes poorhealth and premature aging. She shows how you can defeat sittingdisease through simple movements that you can do anywhere, at

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You can live longer & healthier throughout your life Live longer – Improve Your Balance & Live Better This is exactly what happens when you implement My playings, games, and toys in my Never Leave The  Playground program.  Stephen Jepson says “Do really interesting activities”. improve your balance Stephen Jepson Walks A Tightrope at 75

Here are exercises to improve memory and concentration through play. You can improve your brain and body growth. How to feel younger and have more energy answered. My program will improve memory and focus with play. Activities that stimulates the growth of the brain and body by specific training the hands and feet. Improve memory

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I Am A Professional Speaker On Health and Wellness. You can reverse the aging process. 75-year-old Stephen Jepson is about to repeat a physical feat he did (accomplished) 59 years ago in 1957 when he was 16. In 57 young Jepson swam the largest natural lake in his home state of Iowa. In his mid-60s

Sedentary behavior is death. When I was a kid in the 1950s in my hometown Sioux City, Iowa I would walk through downtown putting my hand on top of a parking meter and vault over the meter much as I’m doing here. Here  in my 70s still playing. A sedentary lifestyle is death. We are animals,

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