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Sudoku,lumosity, and crossword puzzles good for your overall physical health?  I don’t think so. And modern research says these things do not contribute to your overall physical health.  The best brain training is physical. The most beneficial for your brain brain is motor skill training.  Sudoku trains you to be better at doing sudoku.Luminosity trains […]

Hello Everyone, I wanted to share this with you: You Can Improve Your Memory with this fun activity. A delightful way to train your hands and feet to be quicker and more accurate. This will do it without fail. Go slow – get better at each step along the way and maybe someday you will

brain neuroplasticity exercises

Follow The Leader & Become The Leader- Keep Your Brain Sharp – Helping People on Their Path to Better Health November 8, 2015 Helping people on their path to better health. The Path To Better Health & Keep Your Brain Sharp.  I was sitting thinking about my role in helping people to become more adept

Do you want to  Become More Creative & Enjoy Better Health? I wanted to share this with you: Enriching the brain and body with this fun “Step Over” video. Stay agile, nimble, and surefooted with this fun “step over”.  Enriching the brain and body. A life long way that contributes to an agile, nimble, and

Surf Expo Orlando learn to wakeboard

Surf Expo Orlando. Learn To Wakeboard, and Learn To Kiteboard. Wakeboard Training, and Kiteboarding Lessons can be a lot of fun. My videos can help you get in shape to be able to enjoy these sports, and more. Friday, September 11 was a fascinating day and beyond that a day that is proving to be

The Best Pottery Videos & Throwing TechniqueA wonderful week of Pottery lessons in Gravity, Iowa – Pottery Throwing Technique I give pottery lessons & I have made many pottery videos.  My throwing technique will inspire.   Award Winning Educational Online Pottery Classes. I just finished a wonderful week with Cecilia Lock in Gravity, Iowa. She

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