How Can I?

How to live a healthy lifestyle & how to live longer be healthier and happier. I have the answer that will solve myriad health problems. You can live longer be healthier and happier.  The answer is playing on the playground. Simply move around on the playground, get your metabolism moving faster, get your brain activity […]

Hello Everyone, I wanted to share this with you: You Can Improve Your Memory with this fun activity. A delightful way to train your hands and feet to be quicker and more accurate. This will do it without fail. Go slow – get better at each step along the way and maybe someday you will

The Hand and Foot Activities for New Brain Cell Growth. Keep Your Body in Good Health. How To Keep Track Of Your Ideas. See My Life Changing Videos.   A Video Sale Here on Growing New Brain Cells. Hello there, I wanted to share this video with you on How To Keep Track Of Your Ideas.

Old Age Test

Stephen Jepson’s Test For Old Age. Screening Tests for Elderly. Annual Physical Exam for Seniors. Blood Pressure Screening, A Great Idea Hi There! I posted a new video on Youtube and wanted to share it with you! Stephen Jepson’s Test For Old Age How will Stephen Jepson know when he is old? An annual physical

Where Is Stephen Juggling? Just let your inner child’s nature roam free in quest of play – I am just kidding. The dictionary shows many definitions for the word play. Indeed there are many ways to play. I believe the evolutionary history of Homo sapiens suggests we spent a long time improving our hunter and

improve memory & creativity

Be Happier ! What can I do to be happier? One thing you can do is to constantly be on the lookout for things you enjoy. Be bold when it comes to trying new things – read a book, take a course, study and learn about what you enjoy. I have spent a lot of

What can I do to have more fun in life? This is something I have spent time contemplating and I have found something that works quite well for me. I think it will work for you also; that is, spend more time doing things you enjoy – spend more time involved in activities that give

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